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 Recruitment Template

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Recruitment Template Empty
PostSubject: Recruitment Template   Recruitment Template EmptyTue Oct 09, 2012 9:41 am

To make your life and our life easier, please just copy this template and delete where necesary etc.

Bare in mind you must be 18+ to join, speak english, and must be level 80 and have a working microphone.

IRL Name : Steve

IRL Age : 24

IRL Location : England

Ingame Class\s : Guardian\Thief

Ingame Character Name \ Chat handle: steveox\ste\steveo.1574

How many hours a day/week you can play: evenings and weekends

Other MMO's played : wow/swg/rift/aion/gw1/planetside/

Why you want to WvW With us :

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Recruitment Template
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